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First I introduce myself…


Hello! And welcome to my virtual workshop of Antique Furniture Restoration! Are you wondering who I am and why do I welcome you to my workshop?

My name is Carlo Ferrari and for over twenty years I have been practicing the noble art of restoring antique furniture. The story of my life is the story of a research. Searching for knowledge of how to do: do it in time and in the way it should be “perfectly done”.

For years I have attended workshops of great craftsmen where an ancient and forgotten knowledge was a everyday practice, a combination of art and craftsmanship, talent and wisdom, a mix of daily work and creativity. So I saved a wealth of knowledge, the restoration workshop secrets.

Today I am your master, I am the one who knows how to do it, who possesses the knowledge and transmits it within his community: the workshop. A workshop made of apprentice students. This is how ancient knowledge has come to us: daily practice alongside the Master. Now if you want to become my apprentice, come into my workshop, in my community. was born precisely to meet this need, transfer to you, pupil, my knowledge. I’ll reveal the secrets I practice in my day-to-day work. Unveiled craftsman’s secrets!

You will see how to restore an antique furniture, listen to my advice, you can almost feel the scent of the natural resins we use together. Enter my workshop, stand by my side and become my apprentice.


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