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Hello! And welcome to my virtual workshop.

Are you wondering who I am and why I talk about restoration and antique furniture?


Well, I introduce myself. My name is Carlo Ferrari and for over 20 years I have been working in restoration of antique furniture. I can say that my life was a challenge. I had another job in a large company.

Good job, well paid and with good career prospects, but I did not enjoy it. I did not feel accomplished. But I had a hobby, a passion.

I loved the so-called minor arts, ceramics, wrought iron and I had a real fervour for antique furniture. I loved to spend my free time going at flea markets and antiques stores, buying small furniture and trying to “fix them”, asking for advice from old restorers. One day I decided to make my passion the work of my future.

A hobby, a passion just like you have.

I started reading, studying, attending courses, visiting museums, and so little at a time I approached this fascinating world. At the same time I used to work at workshops of some restorers and cabinetmakers.

I joined the study to practice. Today I can say that I’m a well-considered restorer, I have many private clients, I work for institutions and some antiques dealer. What was just a hobby has become a job.

Now I have created to share with you this my experience.

To let you know all the secrets I’ve learned and improved over the years.

To show you how to restore.

Yes, to show you! Because in the restoration beyond the theoretical knowledge of periods, styles and materials, the workshop experience in close contact with the master is very important.

Today you can enter into my workshop and stay at my side as I work. So you can get the necessary experience that, starting from the basics of an amateur restoration, can accompany you to a professional level. To make your passion the job of your future.

Welcome to my workshop and … good work!.

Carlo Ferrari